to glorify God... one thought at a time

to glorify God... one thought at a time

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dirty Knees (journey to healing part 6)

So here we are on our final step in the journey.  Dirty knees, what does that have to do with healing?  Everything, I will explain.  You know how you can look at your journey and see how God was right in the middle of it?  Well that happened to me yet again this weekend as I attended a retreat and chuckled when I received my welcome letter ahead of time.  The retreat was titled "How does your garden grow?"  Being that we have been discussing dirt, soil, and planting, I sat back on the way there and laughed at the rediculous care and concern that my God gives to me.

Over the past few weeks I have been writing this final step in our journey and am so happy to be nearing the end of this road to healing.  We have gone through much together, I pray that you have fully engaged in the journey with God.  I pray that He has allowed you to see some hidden pains if you had them.  We realized that we were responsible for stopping the negative thoughts before they were planted in the soil of our minds.  We also learned that if we do not fill our minds with truth, the old wall paper of lies will reappear before we know it, usually thicker and uglier than before.  Once we begin to only plant the good thoughts we must keep up on them daily.  So I have a question for you.....How does your garden grow?

RoseAnne Coleman, a speaker at our conference (with quite a sense of humor I might add) came to us from the south.  She was telling us stories of her gardening experience in good ol' Alabama.  She talked about seed, planting, harvesting, and all kinds of stuff.  The most important thing, to me, that she discussed was caring for the growing crops.  How the thistle can get in and threaten to destroy the crop.  Much like this idea, I have been working really hard on the crops in my mind.

Remember I said that no matter what the thought, it will plant in the soil in our minds?  This is true whether the thought will produce a weed or flourish into fruit.  Well we need to keep up on those crops by weeding our garden.  How do we do this?  By hitting our knees of course.

The most important thing is prayer.  If we are asking and seeking, God says it will be given (Mathew 7:7).  We need to pray and ask God to reveal the weeds in our lives.  If we are living on our own strength, the weeds will become abundant.  Even though you may not notice them at first, they will begin to take over your garden and the fruit that began to grow will become choked out.  So we must weed our garden daily.  I have made it a practice to ask God daily, what am I thinking on and help me to clean it up.  My knees are dirty.  Can I add that this battle is still a lot of work.  It involves praying for revelation of my thought life.  Once I see what is wrong with my thinking, I need to stay on my knees for as long as it takes to remove each and every wrong thought that has planted.

As gardens are constantly growing, so are our thoughts and until we give control to God and ask His help in managing our minds, the yuck will grow!  If we keep diligently on our knees, when the harvest comes, we will be prepared to share with the other gardeners.  We will share our crops and help them to learn to weed their gardens too.  Let's pray:

"Dear heavenly Father, help us to weed the gardens in our minds. Lord the thoughts are so simple, so miniscule until they become so many, they take over the garden. The bible says that Satan is a deceiver, he loves to use our minds to trip us up. Help us Lord, not to fall into his plans to destroy us. Help us not to meditate on the bad things or circumstances in our lives. Help us to meditate on the truth, which is Your word because if we don't meditate on Your word, we will NEVER be able to identify what is from Satan. Lord, I lift up each and every reader, give them the want to, to change the thoughts to reflect you. I praise You for change, I thank You for loving us. I thank You for teaching me to garden the correct way. I pray in Jesus name....Amen"