to glorify God... one thought at a time

to glorify God... one thought at a time

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wall Paper (part 4)

If you are like me, you are a slow learner.  Though I make my mind up to think a certain way, it takes a bit to remember it the next time too.  As we made our decision that we either believe or we don't, it's time to move from there.  Just remember that if you choose to believe God is all that He says He is in the bible, then you must live like it.

In the study "Breaking Free" Beth Moore speaks of changing the wall paper in our minds.  You see, if you go through this journey, realize where you have been hurting, decide to believe God will heal you, and get stuck in your same way of thinking, you will still be circling right outside of your promised land.  You will never cross over to freedom until you change the way you think.

Proverbs 23:7 KJV says "For what a man thinketh in his heart; so is he."  That verse tells us that whatever we think....that's what we believe.  If you think I am crazy, interview an anorexic.  They can look in a mirror, and though they may weigh a mere 85 pounds, they will still see someone who weighs about 175 pounds.  This is where their heart is.  So think about this verse in your life.  Where are you?  What do you think on?

Everyone reading this has travelled a journey that no one else has.  I don't know what has tripped you up. Some of you have lost loved ones, some have just been abandoned, and I am sure that some of you have been abused in some way.  The fact that you have lived something that isn't fair is evident, the problem is, it cannot be your circumstance anymore.  When you think of your life, these bad memories or realities for some of you, can not be the first thing you think of.  If your mind goes right here, you need some new wall paper.

Until you strip your mind of the lies that you have been fed and replace them with the truth, you will not heal correctly.  Identifying the lies can be tough until you can recognize the enemies voice.  Basically, if you are thinking thoughts like: I will never be happy, I will always be alone, it's just the way my life goes, what else is new, or my favorite, it's just my luck, then you my friend are listening to the wrong god (2 Corinthians 4:4).

The bible speaks of Satan as a cunning and deceptive.  When your thought life does not marinade on what is true, then you are being deceived.  Once you identify the lies in your mind, we will take a look at how to re wallpaper with the truth.  So you have homework.  I pray that you will take a notebook and a pen and get quiet with God.  Ask Him what you have been believing, and ask Him to help you identify the lies.  As you speak and think over the next few days, be aware of what's on your mind or escaping from your lips.  When you return next time, I pray you are ready to eliminate those wrong thoughts and replace them with the truth.

Let's pray "Hi God, it's me again :) I just want to pray over this writing.  There are many people who are believing lies in their lives.  I know this because I was one of them.  I pray that You will help them to see exactly where they are being deceived.  Whether, they feel they are owed and explanation, payback, or are simply just a victim, I pray that they will see this as a lie and submit them to you.  I pray for repentance of wrong thinking and a clean slate for new thinking.  I thank You for working in us.  I pray in Jesus name ~ Amen"