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I am sad

I sit here tonight saddened by the loss of a dear friends husband. I am sad for her, I am sad for her kids, and I am agonizing for her step children who just lost their father after losing their birth mother years back.

I am happy for him tonight as he is dancing with our Savior, cancer free! It makes you think, when something like this happens. It really makes you do a spiritual inventory on your life. It makes you ask yourself questions like... What's truly important? Would God really care if the carpet had vacuum lines in it? It makes you wonder how you are as a woman, a wife, or a mother. It just makes you think. Let's pray:

"Oh dear Jesus, I come to You tonight with a heavy heart. Lord my friend is hurting. She is aching, scared, exhausted, and soon to be really lonely. I pray for You to come and be her husband. I pray we, her church body step in and help in all ways. I pray Father that the world may know You, through her. Help us Lord, to not care about the dishes, to…