to glorify God... one thought at a time

to glorify God... one thought at a time

Thursday, July 12, 2012

To-do list

Hey there,

I know I am in the middle of a series but God has been putting some big things on my heart.  I pray that you all are having a wonderful summer.  The weather has been beautiful in northeastern Ohio.  My summer, however, has been extremely hectic.  We began the summer with a tonsil and adenoidectomy for my daugther who has been chronically sick.  We transitioned into about three funerals so far, about a dozen graduations, lots of doctor appointments and a few camps to boot.  It always seems like before you can begin to enjoy your summer, you look to see another month flipped on your calendar.

With a busy schedule, I find to-do lists to be most helpful.  They give me that sense of victory when a task is completed.  On the contrary, it can give you a sense of defeat each time you see that task has been carried over to the next day and the next. God has convicted me recently that I have been treating my Christianity the same way. I have been judging my own Christianity by how involved I am or by how I am thinking. Mostly by how my struggles are being handled.

You see I have a slight addiction to pop and all kinds of food and sugar, well more than slight :) I seem to run to it when I am stressed, happy, doesn't matter the emotion, if I have one, I run to it.  The problem is that because this addiction is socially acceptable, the battle rages in my mind and heart only. It's more of a war. I was gaging my relationship with Christ on my success or failure with this addiction....and lately I didn't feel very Christian.

That is until God reminded me of a word that wipes all slates clean.....GRACE! That's right, it doesn't matter if I conquer this thing today or tomorrow. It doesn't matter if I write a Christian book or work at the mall. He loves me anyway, despite my failures and my downfalls.  He loves me!  
On the other hand, God  has been showing me that just because I write and share at different retreats, I am no closer to God than the one who quietly prays.  Grace tells me that the blanket of forgiveness and love is evenly spread over all of His children.  

God has given each of us gifts and talents.  We are to use them as He leads and as He provides.  It doesn't matter if we are in ministry or just committed our hearts to Christ 5 minutes ago. We are all His children (as long as we have had the gift of repentance and surrendered our hearts to Christ).  God won't love us less and God won't love us more, He just loves us!

I pray that you will join me today as I play in the puddle of grace. I will thank God for humbling me yet again and for loving me no matter what!