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How do you see God?

How do you see God?  Do you see Him as an angry father who's desire is to punish you?  Do you see Him as a busy man who doesn't have time for your daily life?  Besides He as too much to do than to worry about where you should work or who you should date right?  Do you see Him as the big lever puller in the sky?  It's amazing, as I ask many people who God is, the answer doesn't always seem the same.

Our opinions tend to hinge on life experiences mixed with learned views.   But if you read the bible, you will see that God is constant.  He is Love.  He cares about our every need and want.  He guides us through this life and is listening and waiting to commune with us.

This devotion from Max Lucado depicts a wonderful view of our God. Viewing Him as the pilot of our lives, flying us through this world whether we acknowledge Him or not, He is in control.  Enjoy and be blessed.

To Know the Heart of the Pilot Max Lucado
Three passengers share a row of seats in an airplane. As…