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It is well!

I hope this new year is finding you well.  Usually with the new calendar comes new challenges, struggles, and situations that just aren't fun.  This past weekend at church we sang the old hymn "It Is Well".  This is one of my favorites, not just because of the song, which I love, but because of it's meaning.  My very first "Just a thought..." was about this song and I have posted it below.   

As you read, talk with God about what's going on in your heart or what your hidden struggles might be.  God knows our hearts so it's no news to Him, but He loves relationships so I encourage you to communicate with Him. I pray that God will speak to you and help you if you need healing.  If healing is not needed, I pray it is well with your soul. Enjoy!

Please run now to meet her, and say to her, ‘Is it well with you?  Is it well with your husband?  Is it well with the child?’  And she answered, “It is well.” 2 Kings 4:26

How many Sundays do we just speak prayers,…