to glorify God... one thought at a time

to glorify God... one thought at a time

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sonblock (part 2)

Since we met last time, I gave you homework to weed the negative thoughts out of the soil of your mind.  I pray that you have been practicing this as I am sure they are growing daily.  So where were we?   Oh yes, sunblock.  So what does sunblock have to do with God?  That is a great question.

Here are a few things about sunblock.  We use it to protect our skin.  We use it so that we avoid being burned.  We use it to possibly save our lives from skin cancer.  Sunblock comes in many different strengths.  These are called SPF's (Sun Protection Factors).  The way it works is that it reflects and scatters the light so that it does not penetrate our skin, therefore protecting it from harmful rays.

When we choose to apply sunblock, we do so because we trust that it works.   We have been told that by using it, we will be protected from harmful rays.  Most of us reading this will probably never attest to being a scientist, so we most likely have no proof that it works other that what we see.  We apply it on our children, trusting that their precious skin will be protected.

Proverbs 2:7 says "he stores up sound wisdom for the upright; he is a shield to those who walk in integrity guarding the paths of justice and watching over the way of his saints."

We have had quite the heat wave in Cleveland Ohio these past few days.  We went from two weeks or more of strait rain to about ninety degrees with little or no cloud coverage at all.  As I was driving yesterday afternoon, I saw a couple walking down the road, the girl held an umbrella over her head.  It wasn't raining so I was confused at first, but then, I realized that she was protecting herself from the heat and the rays of the sun.

You see if you are in Christ, then you have that umbrella of protection covering you.  His word says that He will guide you and protect you in His will.  Once we step out of the will of God, then we step out from under that protection.  What do I mean here?  I used to volunteer at Hannah's Home, which is a home for teenage girls who find themselves to be pregnant.   This home was amazing as they taught these young ladies how to stay healthy during their pregnancy and beyond.  They taught them how to care for a child, what childbirth looked like, and so much more.  My role was to teach them the Word of God and how to relate it to the world that they were about to re-enter.  And as I watched that girl walk down the street with her umbrella overhead, I recalled the stories of each girl at that home.  One of them grew up in the church, understanding and believing the Word.  She explained how she felt like trying something that she knew she shouldn't have tried.  That one time led her to that home.  

God's will is like that umbrella, it keeps us from unnecessary pain and circumstances.  The sunblock is protection, which is knowledge of the Word,  keeping us from being burned.  If you go to the store to buy sunblock, you will see that they have all different levels of SPF.  I have seen SPF as low as 8 and as high as 100, so there is quite the range of protection.  I don't know about you but choices stress me out.  Can't I just go to the store and purchase sunblock?  Why do I need to choose the strength?  What if I got the wrong strength?  If I buy a 30 but could get away with a 15, than I won't get tan.  What if I bought a 45 but got burned and really needed a 75?  Choices sometimes stress me out, but in the end we are all made different.  Just because I can be outside with a 30 SPF does not mean that my friend next to me does not need her 45 SPF to protect her skin.

When God's word speaks of free will, I often ask the same question.  Why can't the bible just tell me what to do and when?  Why do I need to make these decisions?  But the truth is that God has covered us believers with an umbrella of protection.  He makes many things clear but does not define some of them because we are each walking a different path.  Somethings that I have freedom in, others may not and visa versa.  Each of us is living with our own convictions so the word of God is going to speak differently to each of us personally, however the umbrella of the bible will always say the same thing.  Do you catch my drift?

We will look the acronym SPF and apply our theme to it.  SPF for the sake of this writing will stand for Submit, Prepare, and Fix.  We will get into those meanings the next time, but for now, make sure you stay in the Word, protecting yourself from the harmful rays of the enemy, who is just waiting for an opportunity to burn you.