to glorify God... one thought at a time

to glorify God... one thought at a time

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sonblock (part6)

Wow, it's been a long summer!  We are down to the bottom of the Sonblock.  We talked about the S in SPF being Submit.  We discussed the different things and people we submit to and the correct meaning of the word.  We talked about the P in SPF.  How important Preparing is in our journey.  So this leaves the letter F.  For the sake of our topic, the F is going to stand for Fix.  When we Submit to the authority of God, we need to prepare for what is to come.  Between our human nature and the sweetly spoken lies of the enemy, we will be tempted to do anything but surrender.  But we also learned that we cannot concentrate on the battle, we must raise our eyes to the point of it all.  Beth Moore says that instead of concentrating on the enemy, seek his foe.  We can concentrate on submitting to the will of God.  We can even work to prepare for what is to come, but it will all be useless if we do not fix our eyes on Christ during the journey.  Like any concoction, you cannot remove one ingredient and expect it to be the same.  This is no different.

I write this devotion from the inside of a boat.  It's not a big boat, but big enough to fish from.  I do love being out on the water.  It's so peaceful, but sometimes, when the winds kick up, it kicks up a little of my anxiety.  I have a friend who reminds me a lot of myself that I'd like to tell you about.  His name is Peter.  Go ahead and read Matthew 14:13-33.  When you are done, join me in the next paragraph.

The scene here describes people by the masses following Jesus to hear what He has to say.  It began to get late and the disciples did what they knew best.  They tried to figure things out.  They basically told Jesus that they needed to send the people home because there was no food to eat.  Jesus stopped them and told them to bring Him the food that they had.  They brought the two fish and five loaves to Jesus.  He blessed the food and told the disciples to feed them.  Five thousand men alone, in addition to the many women and children, were fed that day.  I am not a math whiz but something just doesn't add up here.  Not only that, but there were left overs.  I can imagine the disciples scratched their heads as they added up their receipts while multiplying the mouths.  We would think that at this point they were sold out for Christ. That they had no problem believing that Jesus was the Son of God, right?  Well think again, and keep reading.

You see the disciples are no different than us, they see flat out miracles and quicker than you can say believe and they were right back to their skeptical selves again.  In verse 22 it says Jesus sent the disciples on the boat as He went to pray. Later that night, as the winds were knocking the boat around, they saw Jesus walking toward them. They thought He was a ghost.  Knowing they were fearful, He called to them saying "Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid."  Peter tells Jesus "Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.”  Jesus simply replies "Come." Peter bravely steps out of the boat with his eyes fixed on Jesus. Can you imagine?  Walking on the water?  That would be pretty cool. But as quick as he took a few steps, it says that he saw the wind. He began to sink and cried out for Jesus to save him. I don't know if you caught that, but it said, as soon as he saw the wind. If Peter was looking at the wind, then he couldn't have been fixed on Jesus anymore.

I told you earlier that I was writing from a boat. God has been calling me to trust Him for some time. Sure I've trusted Him with my faith.  I have trusted Him with my life, as I shared a few weeks back. At this point He is asking me to trust Him with everything! My kids, my finances, my anger, everything. I have never realized how many things in my life that I still try to control. I say this because when things begin to not go the way I expect, I get angry. God has recently taught me that my anger is no more than evidence that I am a spoiled brat. I have been in a classroom lately learning about my pride and my lack of faith. God has taught me that I say I trust Him with everything, but as soon as I get stopped at a red light, my belief in His Sovereignty flies out the window.

When my eyes are fixed on Christ, I can rest in the fact that every move is known and understood by Him. That nothing goes unnoticed and every second we live matters in eternity. So I need to surrender my expectations, great and small to Him who is Sovereign. I need to fix my eyes on the One who came to save us, and I need to trust Him with everything. We can bet the wind will kick up, the waves will rise, but if we fix our eyes on Jesus, we will rise above it all. Will you join me on the water?  Let's pray.

"Lord thankYou for this lesson. Though it is painful, it is necessary. God I realize that I don't trust You. I want to so badly, just like my friend Peter, but Your word says that we are human and we need Your help to have faith. I pray, Father for anyone reading this, that they may see the areas that faith seems distant. I pray that they are ready to turn their unbelieving hearts over to You.  Lord I pray that this series has allowed You to speak to Your people. I pray that You are glorified through changed lives. God I pray for strength to believe when it seems impossible. I pray for my faith to grow along with my fellow readers. I thank You for never giving up on us and I pray this in the name if Jesus. Amen"