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Are you ready?

Well, it's that time of year again.  Can you believe it?  I know I can't.  I love summer!  I love to go to the pool.  I love the smell of sun block.  I love the sight of beautiful flowers.  I love the tan lines on my playful boys as they run to the slip and slide, but I think I am ready for change.  You see, there's something special about fall.  The sight of sharpened pencils and glue sticks give me a sense of change in the air.  Though we know the cold will come and the Christmas tree will be brought back out (so not ready for that), we need to persevere through the change.   God allows us to be in seasons that are fun, kind of like a vacation.  He allows us to sit and soak in the Son, and for that Son to be evident on our skin, but then it's time to move.  The bible speaks of seasons, how funny that the changing quarters of the year would have the same name right?  If we stayed in summer, how could we appreciate the quiet of winter and the growth of spring.   The p…

A story on forgiveness

A few weeks ago, there was a story of immense tragedy that hit the story lines.  In Aurora Colorado, a gunman re-entered a movie theater during "Batman" and began to play out his well thought out plan to create chaos and end lives.

When the story first broke many emotions were  brought to the surface for many people.  Every conversation incorperated that story for a while.  The fear and horror set in to peoples hearts.  The anxiety was present in many that wanted to go and see the new film.  But then, time went on.

Isn't it amazing how time can harden our hearts to forget the raw emotions we felt, wether they be fear, sadness, anxiety, or even joy.  Life just seems to go on until a trigger word, story, or smell comes up to help us remember.

Well guess what?  I am that chick.  When I heard of the shootings in Colorado, my heart immediately went out the victims of Chardon, Colombine, and all of the other horrific tragedies throughout my generation that seemed to be almo…