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Just a thought...
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are you ready?

Well, it's that time of year again.  Can you believe it?  I know I can't.  I love summer!  I love to go to the pool.  I love the smell of sun block.  I love the sight of beautiful flowers.  I love the tan lines on my playful boys as they run to the slip and slide, but I think I am ready for change. 
You see, there's something special about fall.  The sight of sharpened pencils and glue sticks give me a sense of change in the air.  Though we know the cold will come and the Christmas tree will be brought back out (so not ready for that), we need to persevere through the change.  
God allows us to be in seasons that are fun, kind of like a vacation.  He allows us to sit and soak in the Son, and for that Son to be evident on our skin, but then it's time to move.  The bible speaks of seasons, how funny that the changing quarters of the year would have the same name right?  If we stayed in summer, how could we appreciate the quiet of winter and the growth of spring.  
The point of our lives here on earth is to become more like Christ, in turn, glorifying God!  How can we become more like Christ while we are staying the same?  So God will take us through some much needed change at times in order to shake the us that's stuck in that old season.  
Change is most often painful.  Can you imagine how painful it was for the caterpillar to change into the butterfly?  Having a chrysalis formed around us would be miserable enough.  A dark substance that blocks the light out for a bit.  To be confined after having room to move.   "Why God?" we ask, but God says, "Just be obedient."  He says, "Keep walking, though you can't see, walk."  Before you know it, you look down to see wings.  
As you prepare for this next season, keep looking up.  God has blessings for you.  Even if it's the darkest season of your life, be still, before you know it, you will have wings.  He uses the ugliest of times change us and to teach us about our beautiful Savior!

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