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Here we are on the brink of New Year's Eve!  I can't believe we will bring ringing in a new 365 days in about 29 short hours.  It seems impossible to me that this crazy year of 2012 is almost over.  The year has been filled with many dramatic moments, weather headlines, tragedies, false predictions and much more.  Though it's sad to see time fly by, I am actually ready for the new year.

As we prepare for something new, it's time to review our lives.  You know, kind of like cleaning out the closets, we must clean out the intentions and actions of our lives.  I have been sitting her the past few days in prayer, asking God to reveal to me the yuck in my life that needs cleaning.  He has spoken once again!

Our hearts are like our homes.  They hold everything that we have collected over the years.  I know in my home, the amount of stuff that hit the garage sale table this fall was quite impressive.  I have come to the conclusion that I am somewhat of a pack rat.  Well, my …