to glorify God... one thought at a time

to glorify God... one thought at a time

Thursday, January 26, 2012


In light of the breaking news yesterday in Willowick Ohio, I sit here with a heavy heart. I know that these circumstances are still under investigation, however, I am sitting back and praying for God to use them in a mighty way. The details that have been released brings me great sorrow. As I sat, physically ill over what I'd heard last night, I realized that this is just one city. Things that shock us happen daily, why you ask, because we live in a world flooded with sin. I am sure all of you who read can agree, the times seem to be darkening right in front of our eyes.

I am sad for so many reasons. I am sad for the woman who is now in the hospital, though it was her actions that led her there. I am sad for the woman who was held against her will, and how she will be able to get back to normal. The media loves to hone in on such incidents and make it hard to get back to life. I am also sad for the officers involved, yet praising God for their quick response and calm nature evident in the phone conversation played during the press conference held on the News Herald site.

God's word tells us that nothing goes past Him. He knew that situation would occur last night at the time that it did. He knew the people that would be involved, even the ones that would leave before it would happen. He knew it all. Why did He let it happen? That I have no idea, but I do know that He will use it. God is like American Pickers, He can take old, worn out tired stuff and make it look brand new and beautiful, worth more than anyone could have ever imagined. Though the main story line has run it's course, God is not finished and He will write something beautiful, I promise.

I know when things like this happen, everyone must weigh in on what they think of the situation, but I would like to ask you to think about something before engaging in such conversation. What if that was your sister who was working that night? What if that was your brother who was called to the scene and had to make a call in the best interest of the people surrounding? What if that was your cousin who made a poor choice that night? So I encourage everyone who reads this to stop the conversation that can't change the past and pray for all of the people involved. Pray that they will not go another day without surrendering their will to Our Father in heaven and to His will. I think it's obvious that we have no control anyway. Let's pray:

"God, I come before you with a heavy heart. Lord, You know what occured yesterday and You knew it would the day before that. The thought just amazes me. Can I say thank You Father, for not allowing anyone to perish last night. I pray God for the woman who is in the hospital now, reach her and heal her. Lord, I pray for a healing far beyond physical. I pray God that everyone involved as well as everyone that has just heard or seen the story to ask themselves one question "If I were to die, where would I go?" Lord, I pray that this question would engulf every reader to the point of reachig out to You. Your word says that no one can get to You except through Jesus. Your word says that Your way is perfect. Your word says that even though there is sin in the world, You are bigger. But I think the best part about Your word tells us that if we call on You and confess that we are of sin, we will inhabit the golden streets of heaven. I pray for emotional healing Father, and I pray it all in the mighty name of Jesus....Amen"