to glorify God... one thought at a time

to glorify God... one thought at a time

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pray with me

We have spent the last few weeks going through the Lords prayer. As I prayed on how to close it out, God led me to do exactly what the title is....pray. So let's pray this prayer one more time, shall we? Only this time I will pray from my heart so it will not be exactly as it is written, here we go:

Our Father, God, Giver of all life, the Reason for our very breath. You stand in heaven, with a name bigger than all the earth and heaven combined. I praise You and bow down to Your name.

Your kingdom came with Jesus, who came to do Your will, Father. Praise You for Your will which brings freedom, binds the broken, and brings all men to the knowledge of You.

Give us wisdom God. Help us to understand Your will and how to submit to it today Lord. Provide for us, and give us the patience to be still and allow you to do it in Your time. Help us to stop just doing it for ourselves when we can't see You working.

Forgive us Father as we fall daily. Jesus died for that very forgiveness, however, can I be bold here? Only forgive us as much as we forgive others, yes Lord, even the one's in our lives who let us down, who left us, who hurt us, who wronged us Lord. God, You are forgiveness, how can we have You without extending it to others.

Help us God, to steer clear of sin. Grant us, Father, the chance to repent. Open our eyes to the sin that we are in and help us when we are tempted. Temptation is everywhere, lead us God, into the land You promised. The land full of freedom and everlasting life.

It's all Yours Father, the kingdom, the power, the glory it's Yours today and forever. Amen